How to make neon signs easier??

How to make neon signs easier??
xnbada neon signs
As we can see that making neon signs can be a fun and creative project! While traditional neon sign making involves glass tubes filled with neon or other gases, there are easier methods to create neon-like effects using materials like LED lights or EL wire. Here's a simple method using EL wire:

 SO,How To Make Neon Signs??


Materials Needed:

  1. EL wire (electroluminescent wire) - available in various colors and lengths
  2. Clear plastic tubing or wire casing (to hold the EL wire in place)
  3. Wire cutters
  4. Adhesive (such as hot glue or tape)
  5. Power source (usually requires batteries or a power adapter)


  1. Design Your Sign: Decide on the shape and letters for your neon sign. You can sketch it out on paper beforehand.
  2. Prepare the EL wire: Measure and cut the EL wire to match the design of your sign. Be sure to leave a little extra length for connecting and securing the wire.
  3. Secure the EL wire: Use adhesive (hot glue works well) to attach the EL wire to the clear plastic tubing or wire casing. Follow the outline of your design.
  4. Connect the EL wire: If your design involves multiple sections of EL wire, you may need to connect them together using solder or connectors according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  5. Power Up: Connect the EL wire to the power source (battery pack or adapter). Test to make sure it lights up properly.
  6. Mount Your Sign: Once you're satisfied with the lighting, mount your neon sign on a suitable surface. You can use adhesive hooks, brackets, or other mounting hardware.
  7. Enjoy Your Neon Sign: Turn on the power and bask in the glow of your DIY neon sign!
Here are the materials we recommend for you

1.neon light strip:Xnbada neon light strip.

2.power supply: XNBADA power supply

3.controller : sp105e,sp107e,sp108e...

Be safe first! Follow all manufacturer instructions for handling EL wire and power sources. Also, consider using protective gloves when handling sharp objects like wire cutters.

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