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SMLIGHT SLZB-06 Zigbee 3.0 to Ethernet WiFi gateway,USB,coordinator with PoE, works with Zigbee2MQTT, Home Assistant, ZHA

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SLZB-06 Specifications:

1.SLZB-06 is a Zigbee to Ethernet/USB/WiFi adapter with POE support, comes pre-flashed and ready to use.
Can be used as a Zigbee 3.0 gateway in the open source automation platforms –
Zigbee2MQTT, Home Assistant, ZHA.

2.Works in both modes – LAN and USB. Mode can be changed in firmware or via button.

3.Can add as many Zigbee coordinators to one server as you want. So you can easily cover different
rooms, buildings and connect them to the same Home Assistant instance.

4.You can power the device through POE or type-C. microUSB-typeC adapter is included in the package as

5.Zigbee SoC CC2652P features +20dB gain, +5dB antenna included.

6.CC2652P and ESP32 can be updated distantly, without physical access to the device.

7.ESP32 can be flashed over USB as well, autoflash feature is integrated. Just plug type-C and flash.

8.Login to the web-interface can be secured by the password.

  • Wireless SoCs

oTexas Instruments CC2652P1FRGZR
Arm Cortex-M4F microcontroller @ 48 MHz with 352KB flash, 256KB ROM for protocols
and library functions,80+8KB SRAM,
integrated power amplifier, Bluetooth 5.2 Low Energy and 802.15.4 radios

oEspressif Systems
ESP32-DOWDQ5-V3 dual-core processor @ 240MHz with 448 KB ROM, 520 KB SRAM, 16
KB SRAM in RTC, WiFi and BLE connectivity

  • Connectivity

oEthernet RJ45 port with PoE
support (IEEE 802.3af) implemented through Microchip LAN8720 10/100M Ethernet

o2.4 GHz WiFi up to 100 Mbps

oZigbee 3.0 support

o+5dB SMA antenna included

  • USB – USB Type-C port for data and power
  • Misc – 4x user LEDs, 1x button
  • Power Supply

oInput – 5V/200mA via USB or PoE

  • Dimensions – 160 x 26 x 22mm
  • Operating temperature: +5◦C - +35◦C


  • SLZB-06 designed to work with
    Zigbee2MQTT or ZHA integration for Home Assistant.

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Rates are approximations. Exact rates will be provided at checkout.