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ZIGBEE-A1-SLWF-03 Mic Home Assistant WS2812B WS2811 WS2815 Strip LED Controller SMLIGHT WLED ESP32

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Product Description:

A1-SLWF-03 LED Controller from SMLIGHT isthe smallest and most powerful WLED + soundReactive WLED controller for addressable led strips like WS2812B. It can be controlled over WiFi or by IR remote or by sensor button.

Easy to use – just plug Type-C cable (support PD) and addressable led strip (like WS2812B) and start enjoying hundreds of effects.

Very small and tiny, the smallest WLED controller based on ESP32 SoC with built-in digital microphone.

It comes pre-flashed and ready-to-use out of the box. Built-in digital microphone * allows using sound-reactive effects. It can be controlled from the web interface (no app needed) or via the WLED app (available in Google Play and AppStore). 

Also can be controlled by IR remote controller (not included) or with a sensor button. Automatic integration with Home Assistant. 

Supports more than 150 effects, including soundReactive. All effects are adjustable. Supports 2D effects for WS2812B matrixes 16x16.


Key Features:

  • WLED + soundReactive WLEDpowered! Pre-flashed and ready to use. Just plug-and-play!
  • ESP32powered with 16Mbmemory.
  • Digital microphoneICS-43434 built-in – music effects with soundReactive WLED firmware.
  • IR receiverbuilt-in.
  • Sensorbutton built-in.
  • Supported strips: WS2812B,WS2811, WS2813, WS2815, APA102, LPD8806, WS2801, SK9822.
  • Supported voltage: DC 5-24V.
  • DIY pinoutsfor custom developments.
  • Out-of-the box integration withHome Assistant.
  • 3 ways of powering: via Type-C,via DC 5.5x2.1 plugor via Screw terminal.
  • Pre-flashed and ready to useout of the box.
  • If you have more than 1 A1-SLWF-03 controller – you can sync many A1-SPWF-03and control as a single unit.
  • Supports WLED app(Google Play and AppStore).
  • Interfaces supported: Blynk,DMXMQTTPhilips Hue, Websockets, HTTP API, Serial, UDP Realtime.
  • Max numbers of LEDs controlled: good performance 35 fps is 2000 LEDs (two outputs), Ok performance (25 fps) is 3000 LEDsfor two outputs. With led strip 60 LED/m it is 33 – 50 meters of LED strip. With 30LED/m it is 65 – 100 meters of addressable LED stripsfor Good and Ok performance.
  • Autobootfor smooth flashingwithout programmers and buttons.
  • Can be used as microphone for Voice Assistant atHome Assistant(requires re-flashing).
  • Can be used as BTProxyfor Home Assistant (requires re-flashing).
  • Can be used as ESPHomedevice (requires re-flashing).


  • Product name: A1-SLWF-03 LED Controller.
  • WiFi: 2.4Ghz
  • Size: 30*57*23mm.
  • Operating Temperature: -15 - +45°C
  • Supported voltage: DC 5-24V
  • Waterpoof: IP20

Rich Packing Includes:

  • 1x A1-SLWF-03 LED Controller.
  • 2x 2-sided adhesive tape.
  • 2x screws.
  • 1x screwdriver.
  • 1x Type-C to micro-USB adapter.
  • 1x manual QR-code.

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